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Ben’s limited-edition range combines his passion for design with his deep motivation for success. Ben's limited edition collection inspiration has derived from his favourite tattoo... a phoenix rising from the ashes. The design symbolises the strength which is gained as we face failure and thus, rise back to fight. 

The phoenix has been neatly incorporated within the 4C motif to provide a personal touch alongside a bold, contrasting statement piece. We aspire for those that don this limited collection are proud of the sense of fight within them to take on the challenges that life throws at them. A very powerful design that Ben is extremely proud of and passionate about.

All pieces of our [1OF500] collection are paired with a hand-signed thank you from each of our athlete co-founders. 

Ben is 6ft 2in and his chosen size is XL as he likes a larger more oversized fit.
We would recommend ordering a size up within this product for example if you are normally a L, order an XL. Please do check carefully the size guide below.